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UNFORGETTABLE on August 25th – September 09th I GER Hauptsache Frei #7 Festival der Darstellenden Künste Hamburg With subtitles in Spanish and English                                                                                                             UNFORGETTABLE Collage © Erik Tuckow Sichtagitation. Based on the fragmentary character of remembering, UNFORGETTABLE interweaves different narratives and ever new perspectives on a phenomenon that is both specific and general: one’s… Read More

UNFORGETTABLE I Premiere ARGENTINA I October 2018 X FESTIVAL BUENOS AIRES DANZA CONTEMPORÁNEA www.festivales.buenosaires.gob – La Usina del Arte. Photos: Cecilia Antón AFS TEATRO ENSAMBLE TEMPORADA INTERNACIONAL www.teatroensamble.com.ar – Banfield teatro Ensamble. Photos & Performance: Lorena Viceconte Teaser Press UNFORGETTABLE_Diario_taz_30.6.18 2 Review magazine Ojalá -D Photos & performance Chris Kremberg I VG Bildkunst UNFORGETTABLE I… Read More

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