The crossover between dance performing and visual arts mark the artistic biography and the focus of my artistic practice: starting studying art and art history in Argentina, through dance at the Folkwang University of the Arts, working with the visual artist and photographer V.A. Wölfl (as a member of the NEW TANZ ensemble) to my own experimental formats in the form of dance performances, KUNSTAKT / ONEN, STUDIEN as well as videoimprovisations, drawings, photo works and objects today.
The focus is the human being, his perception, his movements and his body in relation to invisible societal phenomena. The relationship between artist and audience, art and everyday life, play a central role.

With this background in mind, several projects with experimental formats – dance installations, dance narratives, installative choreographies, art actions, durational performances, work in progress and concerts – were created, which would be presented in a wide variety of contexts in Denmark, Spain, Austria, Luxembourg, Argentina and Germany, among others: Festival Buenos Aires Danza Contemporanea (Buenos Aires), Hauptsache Frei – Festival for Performing Arts (Hamburg).

In THINK, UNFORGETTABLE and DANCE FOREVER (2016-2019) my trilogy about the traces of movement, the crossover between the performing and visual arts was transformed into a documentary artistic practice, where the human body moved into the center. Other projects such as the site-specific HOME IMPROVEMENT project, which had the idea of ​​and changing the perception of space in four private apartments, as well as KUNSTAKTION 9 were also created under these background ideas. Both experimental formats have a common concern: they are in a spatial context to architecture and the city, as well as in direct and immediate contact with people.

I have signed some of my work with DIBUJADA. In Spanish, my mother tongue, DIBUJADA is the past participle of the verb “dibujar” meaning “to draw”.What interests me in the practice of drawing is the training of attentive and precise vision as well as the abstraction and reduction of visual information. What interests me about the term are the different levels of meaning of “draw” such as “describe”, “draw” (copy, sign), “become clearer”, “stand out”. In particular, I like the meaning of “becoming visible”, “revealing what was hidden”, “manifesting”.