www.radicaldanceseries.de RADICAL DANCE SERIES are interactive choreographies within the urban space of Hamburg. Dancing bodies invite passer-bys to investigate the subversive potential of movement that lies within inner city life. Along three different routes, the dancers occupy urban space starting from the former working district of the Barmbek neighborhood into the city center of Hamburg.… Read More

Hello world!   I´m so happy to be finally here 😉   It´s took a while and could tell you a lot of stories about me But will have time for this and for a lot UNRESOLVED ISSUES.   For the moment just imagine all what we can do with this … body Exciting! Don’t… Read More

UNFORGETTABLE on August 25th – September 09th I GER Hauptsache Frei #7 Festival der Darstellenden Künste Hamburg With subtitles in Spanish and English                                                                                                             UNFORGETTABLE Collage © Erik Tuckow Sichtagitation. Based on the fragmentary character of remembering, UNFORGETTABLE interweaves different narratives and ever new perspectives on a phenomenon that is both specific and general: one’s… Read More

UNFORGETTABLE I Premiere ARGENTINA I October 2018 X FESTIVAL BUENOS AIRES DANZA CONTEMPORÁNEA www.festivales.buenosaires.gob – La Usina del Arte. Photos: Cecilia Antón AFS TEATRO ENSAMBLE TEMPORADA INTERNACIONAL www.teatroensamble.com.ar – Banfield teatro Ensamble. Photos & Performance: Lorena Viceconte Teaser Press UNFORGETTABLE_Diario_taz_30.6.18 2 Review magazine Ojalá -D Photos & performance Chris Kremberg I VG Bildkunst UNFORGETTABLE I… Read More

Sorry, this entry is only available in German and European Spanish.… Read More