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Photos & Performance: Lorena Viceconte


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Photos & performance
Chris Kremberg I VG Bildkunst

UNFORGETTABLE I Premiere June 27, 2018 I 8 p.m.
The premiere is already sold out!
Further performances June 28, 29, 30 & July 01, 2018 I 8 p.m.
Westwerk I Admiralitätstrasse 74 I Hamburg I
TICKETS (10-15 €) I Reservation at unforgettable@fernandaortiz.com


Foto: Chris Kremberg | VG Bildkunst

In UNFORGETTABLE, the dancer and choreographer Fernanda Ortiz interweaves political and socio-historical memories – from Argentina, Germany and worldwide – with her own (dance) biography. A scenic collage of re-enactments, stories, photographs, video sequences, original artifacts and graphic images is created in the gallery space.
In interaction with the musician Gregory Büttner, the video artist Friederike Höppner, the photographer Chris Kremberg and the graphic artist Erik Tuckow, the native Argentine merges her personal dance archive with a kaleidoscope of historical and cultural memories.

The dancer’s body is at the center as an individual actor and at the same time as a mirror of time and space: the military dictatorship in Argentina,German traces in Argentine history and political decisions of the global north that determine the global south. What traces do they leave behind in the body? Which images are engraved in it? what is unforgettable? For each and every one of us and for all of us together?
Memories are brought into the present image by image from the past and, at the moment of the performance, are transformed into a documentary-scenic archive of memories.


“UNFORGETTABLE blurs the boundaries of time.”


Artistic direction, choreography, dance & text: Fernanda Ortiz
Performance & Music Composition: Gregory Büttner,
Performance & Video: Friederike Höppner
Performance & Photography: Chris Kremberg,
Performance & Collages: Erik Tuckow
Dramaturgy & Text: Mariana Ortiz Losada
Artistic collaboration: Véronique Langlott
Costume: Simone Beatrice Ballüer
Stage and props: Jamil Khorrami
Light design: Boris Heiland
Sound & technical direction: Boris Vogeler
Video streaming: Sven Grell
Production dramaturgy & PÖA: STÜCKLIESEL
Westwerk: Michael Baltzer

UNFORGETTABLE is a production by Fernanda Ortiz with Westwerk. Founded by Behörde für Kultur und Medien Hamburg and the Hamburgische Kulturstiftung. With the kind support K3 Tanzplan Hamburg auf Kampnagel, VHS-Hamburg and Banfield Teatro Ensamble I Buenos Aires, Argentinien.